Happy Happy Holidays 

​​I lie here as Sia blasts out around the pool secretly dreaming that I am in fact “Swinging from the Chandeliers” drifting off in the glorious sunshine and fantasising about cocktails, dancing and the free life with no one other than myself to think of. I immediately feel a rush of guilt then smile to myself remembering how lucky I am.

The reality is I can’t sit or lie on a sun bed or drift off anywhere as I am on call 24/7 to two beautiful children. An 11 month old who is into absolutely everything and needs to be watched like a hawk in case of a fall, bump or other disaster and a 4 year old who is like a sitting time bomb, jumping in the pool because she thinks she’s an Olympic swimmer and requesting a million things she needs to make her day run smoothly. Not to mention my husband well that can be a full time job (joke;-))
I look around and see other families battling the same war, the mission of applying sun cream to every member of the family, the constant trips to the toilet, snack bar and room to collect something they have forgotten earlier.

Walking with pushchairs desperately trying to get their darlings to have a nap, passing their other half who’s entertaining their second, third or fourth child whatever that may be.

Endless trips in the buffet restaurants collecting numerous plates of delights for the whole family eventually sitting down and realising they haven’t actually gotten themselves anything yet! (I know it’s such a hard life having drink and food on tap! Lol)

And then the evenings well that’s all about the mini disco, gone are the Ibiza days, now parents join together to parade the room doing the Hokey Cokey and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, waking up still singing the same songs on their way to breakfast unable to shake the constant need to do the actions!  

Lying here (oh sorry I forgot I can’t lie) I think of all the madness in the world and how non of this really matters. But for each of us working at being a parent it feels good to have a connection with the father struggling to get his child to have a nap or the mother who’s running with her child to the toilet or the grandparent who’s on duty trying to stop their toddler from rolling off the sun bed.

Having the ability to lie on a sunbed without a care in the world all of a sudden feels like a distant memory. At the moment this is the reality of our happy holidays and as us parents glimpse at each other with a smile and a nod of the head, we get it, we understand, the want to relax vs the need to be a parent and it’s ok. Alls well. Holidays are happy family times but relaxing well that’s definitely debatable.

But you know what we are allowed to dream about having five minutes to ourselves, being able to drink cocktails till we’re sick of the sight of them and swing from the chandeliers but would we want to?

Maybe for a night, or a weekend but for now I want to embrace the short time I have with these crazy kids and remember that there will be so many times in the not so distant future when I’ll be wishing I could re-live the endless mission of applying suncream, the battle of getting my kids to have a sleep and the 50 million essentials I need to bring on holiday to be equipped for every child necessity!

And I do love it I really do, this time is so precious and so wonderful but god I’m exhausted 😂

So for now let’s take a breath and smile at the lady on the plane who’s toddler is having a melt down and nod at the father endlessly walking with a pushchair! We get it! We are in this together! This is life, this is amazing, this is our happy happy holidays.

In a world of fabulous family selfies and perfect parenting posts let’s get real and together embrace the craziness of our holidays near or far to make memories we can treasure!

Mummy you are marvellous! Xxx

For tips for travelling abroad with little ones please see my travel page which I will be updating frequently or to share fab ideas of your own for parents travelling with children please comment below and I will add to my travel page with a reference to yourself! Let’s help make our journeys happy ones 😀 https://mummyurmarvellous.com/about/happy-holiday-tips-for-parents/

First blog post – mummyurmarvelloushttps://mummyurmarvellous.com/2016/05/29/first -blog-post/


10 thoughts on “Happy Happy Holidays 

  1. I’m there with ya! I have 3 kids ages 7 and under. I love every minute of it but sometimes I just need that day or even hour to not be on “watch”. Happy Monday and welcome to the blogging world. I’m new myself. Look forward to reading more!

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    1. Aw thanks so much for your comment it means a lot and welcome to the blogging world too! Let’s keep in touch add me on Twitter @mumurmarvellous or My Facebook page mummyurmarvellous and we can share each other’s stuff xx


    2. Thank you so much for your comment really means a lot! Let’s keep in touch on Twitter @mumurmarvellous or Facebook at mummyurmarvellous and we can share each other’s stuff. Take care and good luck xx


  2. This is me right now!! Except I only have the ticking time bomb 4-year-old. Earlier my husband and I realised we were sat watching the mini disco & Archie was outside playing! What are we doing?? Ha. As you say though, very lucky to have the opportunity to enjoy such fun yet exhausting holidays!!x

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    1. Ha aw that made me smile. Its all good fun though. But it is crazy how we just forget. I find myself watching CBEEBIES or baby tv when there’s no kids! What’s that all about ha. Yes they definitely send us all a bit crazy but wouldn’t change it for the world. Have an amazing holiday x thanks for your comment and retweet really appreciate it take care


  3. I sympathise but also wouldn’t have it any other way – we took our four (all under 10 and 2 under 3) skiing in Feb. Everyone thought we were crazy but we didn’t want to come home. Thanks for linking to #sharewithme , would you mind adding the badge or a link when you get a chance x

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