A Letter to My One Year Old 20th July 2016

Well the day has arrived. Your first birthday. I am in complete shock and denial that my precious baby girl is one. How did this happen, how did you grow so fast? The last year has passed me by so quickly and although I’m so happy that you are thriving and growing into such a beautiful little girl, I want to hold on to my baby for just a little longer.  

I remember your arrival and how happy I was that you were finally here! How tiny, perfect and peaceful you were. From the second you arrived you belonged to us! You were part of us. From nowhere it was as if you had always been!

Please can I press pause just for a short while because I’m so afraid I’m missing it! Missing you!
You have definitely been here before! So wise, curious and clever. (I know every parent thinks that! But you are) 
I feel so lucky that ive been able to spend every waking hour with you over the last year. Knowing what makes you tick, instinctively reading your mind and recognising every cry and laugh.

Watching you with your sister is the best thing ever, seeing the already formed friendship, bond and unconditional love. We are truly blessed to have two amazing girls to bring us so much joy every day.

I look at you now and feel like you could be some sort of ‘fixer’ as you seem to just know how things work, our own little ‘Tinker bell’ or maybe a swimmer as u are definitely a waterbaby! 

You are such a cheeky character and have an adorable shyness with a feisty, fun loving nature.

Its hard to put into words how far you have come in the last year but you have brought us more joy and happiness than you will ever know. From your first word, tooth, wave and smile to your first tear, bump and sickness. Hurting my heart with every tear and making my life with every smile! 

Have I slept in a year? Not much and I was positive I would get a sleeper this time  round, but it’s definitely been worth it and if I’m honest I would do it all over again. 

We are coming towards the end of our breastfeeding journey and you have been such a joy. I say that now! The little smiles, cheeky faces in the middle of the night and so many cuddles. Non of that will change I hope but maybe you will begin to sleep through the night we’ll see.

I watch you in complete awe and with total admiration wondering how you have such courage, determination and will to complete every new task, desperately trying to run before you can walk.

Your curiosity of the world encourages us to appreciate the little things! You love to watch the birds, dance, clap, wave, play with everything your not supposed to, brush your teeth, try to put your shoes and socks on, explore books, (explore everything!) and play with dolls I could go on but the list is endless. 

We can’t wait to watch you grow and flourish and help us be the best parents we can be, as we learn from you each day!

The meaning of Eva is LIFE and you have definitely brought life into our lives this year! We love you more than you could ever know our little ray of sunshine.

Happy birthday my beautiful little girl

Love Mammy xxx


7 thoughts on “A Letter to My One Year Old 20th July 2016

  1. Lovely – this is how mothers have thought through time – our mothers, our grandmothers and so on – I’m so very pleased that I was a mother, wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Thank you for sharing.

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