A Letter to my 5 year Old 08/09/16

My darling daughter oh how I love you! I look at you and know that I did something right!

 You are my life, my world, my headache and my heart.They say what goes around comes around and I have definitely met my match with you! Dramatic? Let’s just say enthusiastic.  

Over the last year we have watched you lose your baby features and turn into a beautiful little girl. You’re growing so fast, 5 going on 15 and don’t we know it. Such a diva! You love dressing up, painting your nails and flicking your hair! 

As school approaches I feel a mixture of emotions; worry, excitement, anxiety and joy.  I can’t begin to tell you how proud you make me. My little girl is growing into such a beautiful little lady. You surprise us every day with the things you say, things you know and things you do! How did you learn so much so quickly?

You can play us like a fiddle and know exactly which buttons to press, pushing us to our limits almost daily.
You are so independent yet still so curious. Asking why, when and how so often that we find ourselves re-living events 3 or 4 times until you know the story inside out and backwards for good measure.  

The world is still such a big place and you love to hear all about life and why things work the way they do. Our journeys to nursery would normally consist of  conversations about trees, cars, space, the road markings and who was driving where and why! Keeping me right if I was to overtake at any point.  

You’re such a little thinker and although the world is still very pink and fluffy you’re a sensitive soul who is wise beyond your years, worrying about things that you really should have no concept of.

This has been your hardest year yet, adapting to your new baby sister and what a fab big sister you are. Seeing the already formed bond, friendship and unconditional love you have for each other is magical. 

At first it seemed like such a big adjustment for you and although you were slightly older I think in someways that was harder as you had almost 4 years of being an only child and having to share us was difficult. But now it’s as though it has always been, sibling rivalry, protective instinct and making memories.

The start of the year saw you constantly living in a fairytale, dreaming of marrying your prince, who for you is your daddy and living out the dream as you both danced together in the living room. Now you seem to fantasise of the day you can wear mammys high heel shoes, lipstick and visit the hairdressers. Come to think of it you’re already doing that! I hate how the world is stealing your innocence. 


You enjoy your gymnastics, swimming and horse riding. You dreamed of becoming a ballerina for a while but when it was show time it all became a little much so we had a break from it for a while, although you definitely think we are made of money as you are desperate to start again!

Your future career goal is to be a horserider and “go to competitions” I’m dreading your first fall but loving horses myself I would never hold you back!

You can be a lazy little monkey and oh how you need your food and sleep! it’s normally a race against time to get you your dinner before the emotional monster child is unleashed!

You love barbies, horses, princesses, paw patrol, music, role play, cuddles, trampolining, fancy dress, face paints, lipgloss, nail vanish, storybooks, teddys, bike rides, adventures and building camps!

Your imagination is amazing, how I hope you can imagine forever. 

Dream big my darlin and wish as far and big as you like! 

You love fairies and the idea that they visit you when you dream makes your world magical. I believe in fairies too just like you!

It’s impossible to capture all the memories and magical moments from the last 5 years, holidays, friendships, nursery, tantrums, tears, birthdays, Santa Claus! But I know I can’t wait for the next year and one after that.

You are greater than great! You are beautiful, talented, Caring and fierce! You are the most precious gift. Happy 5th birthday my darling Amira we love you more than you can ever imagine the world is your oyster and a new chapter is about to begin

Love mammy xxx


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